Ro-tyme® Products are manufactured in Canada and is a trusted name with professionals as well as consumers. Our products have been supplying the hardware and building supply industry for over 25 years. Ro-tyme® products are formulated for maximum strength and will be more effective than other brand name products.

  • Crystal Drain Opener

    Code: 77601

    Size: 450 g

    Ro-tyme Crystal Drain Opener keeps drains clean and free flowing. It quickly dissolves organic obstructions and is fully inhibited to prevent corrosion.

    • Dissolves grease, hair, andsludge

    • Cleans kitchen and bathroom sinks

    • Clears toilet drains

    • Ideal for septic systems

  • Iron Remover

    Code: 77602

    Size: 567 g

    Ro-tyme Iron Remover cleans water softeners, and removes rust and stains from clothes, washing machines, sinks, tubs, tile, and masonry.

    • Removes iron from water softeners

    • Removes rust stains from hard surfaces

    • Brightens white clothes in the laundry

  • Septic Tank Conditioner

    Code: 77604

    Size: 900 g

    Ro-tyme Septic Tank Conditioner will improve and increase the bacterial activity of your tank. For best results, use in conjunction with Ro-tyme Septic Tank Cleaner. 

    • Activates, cleans, and deodorizes

    • Improves bacterial level

    • One operation

  • Septic Tank Cleaner

    Code: 77605

    Size: 2.5 kg

    Ro-tyme Septic Tank Cleaner is a

    special formulation designed to destroy and flush away buildups of grease, soap and other organic wastes which slow down and block septic systems.

  • Humidifier Freshener and Conditioner Solution

    Code: 77612

    Size: 500 mL

    Ro-tyme Humidifier Freshener and Conditioner Solution keeps your humidifier fresh and clean.

    • For all portable and furnace-type

    • Keeps your humidifier clean and fresh

    • Destroy rather than mask undesirable

  • Humidifier Descalerand Cleaner

    Code: 77613

    Size: 500 mL

    Ro-tyme Humidifier Descaler and Cleaner works quickly and effectively where calcium buildup is a continuing problem.

    • For all portable and furnace-type

    • Controls scale, rust, and scum deposits

    • Effective in hard, soft, cold, or hot water

  • Bowl Cleaner

    Code: 77616 

    Size: 909 mL

    Super strength toilet bowl cleaner.

    Deodorizes and removes stains.

    Removes rust and lime.

    • Super strength cleaner.

    • Deodorizes and removes stains.

    • Removes rust and lime.

  • Moisture Magnet 

    Dehumidifier Kit

    Code: 77620

    Size: 2.5 kg

    Ro-tyme Moisture Magnet dehumidifies damp areas by absorbing moisture from the air. Relative humidity is lowered and the air is dried to a level that prevents formation of mildew and odours. Water accumulates safely and conveniently in the collector tray. Each kit contains a collector tray and two refill bags.

    • Ideal for basements, cottages, boats, and trailers

    • Effective for up to three months on single refill

    • Eliminates dampness

  • Moisture Magnet Refill 

    Code: 77621 

    Size: 1 kg

    Refill sack for the Moisture Magnet Dehumidifier Kit. Absorbs moisture from the air. Excess moisture can cause mold and mildew to form. Controls humidity to an ideal and safe level.

    • Eliminates dampness

    • Prevents the formation of mildew and odours

    • Effective for up to three months

  • Ro-tyme Muriatic Acid

    Code: 77615, 77617

    Size: 900 mL, 4L

    Muriatic Acid is great for reducing pH in swimming pools, cleaning and etching concrete, and de-scaling porcelain tiles and grout.

    • 20º Baume commercial (31.45%)

    • Cleans and etches concrete

    • Reduces pH in swimming pools

  • Citrusolve

    Code: 77623

    Size: 946 mL.

    Citrusolve is a heavy duty degreaser derived from natural citrus peels. Safe and effective on grease, dirt, and grime.

    • Multi-purpose cleaner and degreaser

    • Cleans barbecues and stovetops

    • Removes grease from boats and automobiles